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Very cool arcade games in a bar setting. Plenty of room so no crowded feel.

Staff is awesome and super friendly.

Great bier/beer selections!

Timothy A. D.


Great bar and arcade with a cool atmosphere. A good food and specialty drink selection, as well as a range of games to play. We will most definitely be back.

Jamie L.


Okay, I walk in, and I see classic arcade machines. Instantly, my inner geek does the Happy Dance. I order dinner. I have something kinda rare for me; a beer with dinner. They got this cool thing of if you have one of each type of beer served, you get your name on a wall.

Dinner is tasty. The meatloaf is filling and savory. The mac & cheese comforting and tasty. The steamed broccoli is more fresh than a Prince in Bel Air.
Overall... this place is 1000% WIN!

Justin P. E.


"What were some of the highlights", Facebook asks... Well, everything! The whole place is a highlight. It's honestly what Waterville needed and with Mario themed drinks and literally joysticks at your table when available. I want to live here.

Nikki S.