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Okay, I walk in, and I see classic arcade machines. Instantly, my inner geek does the Happy Dance. I order dinner. I have something kinda rare for me; a beer with dinner. They got this cool thing of if you have one of each type of beer served, you get your name on a wall.

Dinner is tasty. The meatloaf is filling and savory. The mac & cheese comforting and tasty. The steamed broccoli is more fresh than a Prince in Bel Air.
Overall... this place is 1000% WIN!

Justin P. E.


Very cool arcade games in a bar setting. Plenty of room so no crowded feel.

Staff is awesome and super friendly.

Great bier/beer selections!

Timothy A. D.


Great bar and arcade with a cool atmosphere. A good food and specialty drink selection, as well as a range of games to play. We will most definitely be back.

Jamie L.


"What were some of the highlights", Facebook asks... Well, everything! The whole place is a highlight. It's honestly what Waterville needed and with Mario themed drinks and literally joysticks at your table when available. I want to live here.

Nikki S.


We found this place on a outing and I have to say this is truly a amazing place. It looks practically new inside and out. It has a lot of video games arcade/carnal type. some are free to play. A vary good place to take the whole family. We definitely will be returning soon and I recommend you do the same.

Petty W.


Had the pulled pork nachos and the mac n cheese bites and they were delicious!! Great food, great drinks and great service. Definitely a place to check out if you want a laid back atmosphere and friendly service. Great job guys!!!



I'll start by saying they shared their secret french fry recipe. I won't spill the beans, but they were THIC, crispy, AND curly. A winning combo. They even hand craft their ketchup packets! WOW! The games gave off a CLASSIC experience and the waitstaff (shoutout to the man in tie dye) made for an evening to remember. Check out their tasty shots and good vibes! We'll be back so long as they continue to play a little Missy Elliot. :)

Emma C.